Baldwin/Bowman Name Plate

In January 2001, I made a name plate for my mother's front door using my scroll saw. First, I created the design in Adobe Illustrator. It developed gradually through many revisions and consultations.


This is the design, just a few days before it was finalized. This image was made in Adobe Illustrator, using pictures of wood grain.

Click on the picture for a more detailed version, then press Back to return here.


Eventually, we decided to take out the branch, make fewer leaves, and shrink the letters to make it a little better balanced.

This is the final design from Adobe Illustrator, which I printed out and used as a cutting pattern.


Here are some pieces that I cut for practice.


Once the design was finalized, I printed it out at full size, taped it to a flat piece of half-inch thick red oak, and cut all the holes. The cutting took three evenings. I rounded the outer edge of the oval with a router, and glued it onto a piece of dark plywood. Finally, I sprayed it with several coats of polyurethane to protect it from the elements.

And...... here is the end result! Fortunately, the whole sign fit onto my scanner.

As I was cutting out the letters w-i-n, I realized that those three letters were "hanging by a thread". They are only attached to the rest of the design by the top and bottom of the letter w. I had to be very careful, until I glued it down to the background. Whew!