Making your own PCBs

I'm just getting started with this process, but if all goes well, this will be my design flow: Since the Techniks paper hasn't arrived in the mail yet, I have been testing the process with HP photo quality inkjet paper. The results are not super consistent. Hopefully the Techniks paper will work better, since it is actually designed to be used like this!

Here is a picture of the first decent-sized board that I made using the toner transfer process (HP photo quality paper). It is 5 inches by 4.25 inches.
Show me a small closeup
Show me a huge closeup

In the huge closeup, you can see a few places where the traces touched each other when they were not supposed to. I cut through these parts with a hobby knife so that they did not connect anymore. Also, there are places near the edges of the board where the toner flaked off, so the copper was etched away.