Circle of Song Members Website, 2004-2009

This page is sort of a "website memorial" - a memorial for a website that is no longer alive.

Bryce was a member of a theater group called Revels Circle of Song for 9 years. (It is now called Revels Repertory Company.) During this time, he created a members' website for the group at The site was for internal use only, to keep track of member contact info, upcoming events, and shared documents. It was in use from 2004 to 2009.

He is very proud of how the web site turned out, after putting so much time into it over the years. So before shutting it off in 2011, he created screen shots of the various web pages that made up the site.

NOTE: The little mermaid graphics are NOT supposed to be part of the website. That's just a Firefox decoration. Hope it's not too distracting! :)

A few statistics:

The website uses these technologies:

Bryce learned about web design and databases at Illumina Interactive, while working there for a few years. If anyone is interested in a copy of the website source code, let me know. I have no plans to continue work on it, but I could be convinced to release it under GPL for educational purposes.